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CREAM Group is behind the gradual revitalization of one of the largest brownfields in the country - the large complex of the former Baťa factory in Zlín. It focuses on rental housing and commercial leases in almost all major Czech and Moravian cities. It also operates an internationally acclaimed translation terminal near Košice, Slovakia. For the next 10 years, it is preparing projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia worth CZK 25 billion. 


Thirty-two modern apartments will be built, part of the lofts will be used by students

In the eastern part of the Bat'a complex, in close proximity to the Bat'a skyscraper, where the Regional and Financial Office is located, CREAM Group received a building permit for the extension of building No. 32. The two-storey extension between the existing staircase cores will create the 10th and 11th floors of the building. In its way, the modernisation of a part of the listed building has met with the understanding of the Department of Culture and Conservation of the City of Zlín because it sensitively complements the original building and fully respects its industrial architecture.

In total, there are 36 apartments in sizes from 1 KK to 3KK, ranging from 25 to 88 m². The main orientation of the flats is in the south direction through Letná to Tlustou hora and Barnabáš, and in the north direction to Mladcova and Jižní Svahy.
Premium apartments on the 10th floor with their own outdoor terrace will be built here by 2026.

CREAM began the renovation of Building 32 in 2013. Today, the first two floors house the main Zlín post office, as well as a drugstore, Vita Sana fitness centre, bakery and bank branch.
On the subsequent floors there are several offices and also a total of 150 loft apartments. Some of them are used as hotel accommodation, others for longer-term rent. Only 47 of them are privately owned by local residents. Seven lofts are used on a long-term basis by the junior hockey academy.
The lofts intended for rent are now also partly used by Czech and foreign students of Tomáš Bat'a University. The justifiable rising price of accommodation in the dormitories has begun to equal the price of renting a loft. Housing is affordable for students especially if they decide to share an apartment. "There is a special offer for students. If the cost of living in a loft, including utilities, is around CZK 18,000, a student loft costs a similar amount, but the living is significantly more comfortable compared to dormitories. In addition, it has free access to the fitness centre and a secure parking space, says Pavlína Srkalová, head of marketing at CREAM Group, adding: "When three students share the cost, the price is more than acceptable." She says the group is already in talks with the college management to make the lofts a fixed part of the University's accommodation system.