CREAM Invest


We are convinced that the best motivation for work is not a sound award but a sense of personal success. Therefore, achievable goals are essential. We connect everyone for whom the profession itself is a motivation and who can work effectively with others. If you enjoy your work, it has a good result.


"Each member of the management team is a distinct individual; with their professions and skills complementing each other, we form a strong team. We have no reason to compete. We are united by a common goal: success in everything we undertake as a CREAM group." 

Petr Tanko, majority owner of CREAM Group

Petr Svatos

Chairman of the Board of CREAM SICAV, a.s. Partner

Roman Švec

CEO of CREAM Consulting, s.r.o. Member of the Board of Directors of CREAM SICAV, a.s. Partner

Martin Jarolím

CEO CREAM Investments, a.s. Member of the Board of Directors of CREAM SICAV, a.s. Partner

Aleš Plachý

CEO CREAM Real Estate, s.r.o.

Štefan Korán


Luboš Fronk

Business Development Director INTERPORT SERVIS, s.r.o.

Experts & Professionals

Our Group's portfolio extends into many areas of the company's life, and we want to create a distinctive, positive, and useful footprint through our activities. In addition to our employees, experienced professionals assist us in this.  

Ivo Mravinac

Spokesperson of the CREAM Group. Former radio and TV presenter who has been working with the media for a long time.

Ak. arch. Vít Máslo

One of the best-known Czech architects is a partner of CMC Architects studio. His handwriting is on all important projects of the CREAM group.

Jaroslav Kulhavý

Czech cross-country cyclist, multiple winner of all world competitions, including the gold medal in the London Olympics. He is the co-author of our Living Beskydy concept.

Our story

The basis of the business activities of today's CREAM Group belongs to the time when the totalitarian regime ended in former Czechoslovakia and the space for free enterprise appeared. The first years are defined mainly by success in the real estate business, which grew massively especially after 2000, when the entrepreneur Petr Tanko, the company's founder, was gradually joined by other prominent personalities.

Petr Tankó

Petr Tankó

majority shareholder of CREAM Group

We have come a long way over the years. It is not only Zlín changing under our hands; it is a great feeling. Business can be a challenging and demanding game, but when I see the result, I know it's worth it.


Our Group is growing rapidly, so we are happy to welcome new colleagues from various professions needed in all business areas. Every opportunity can become a successful project; in every profession, one can excel. We encourage focus and perseverance. We believe only those who enjoy their profession and work can achieve good results.