CREAM Invest

34 + Fabrika

We are carrying out one of the most significant revitalization projects in the Czech Republic, combining modern buildings by architect Vít Masl with the original architecture of the Baťa Zlín site. For example, we will connect building 34 with the new multifunctional building Fabrika. With its 65,000 m², it was originally used as a central shoe warehouse; after the reconstruction, it will house 300 residential units for rental and student housing, a large sports centre with several halls, a large fitness centre, and a wellness centre.

CZK 3.5 billion


industrial DNA

urban regeneration

75 000 m²

of office, commercial space

sports halls

for the public and sports clubs

10 000 m²

office space

cafes and restaurants

2 500 m² of space

shops and services

high quality shopping mall

shared transport

promotion of sustainable mobility


new parking spaces


development of charging stations and PV plants

public space

new green spaces and recreation areas

public transport

development of public transport

Zlín city centre

The centre of any settlement is determined by its location and mainly by the fact that people meet there. It doesn't matter whether it is shopping or a moment over a coffee.  Zlín already has its original centre, and Fabrika is expanding it. It will offer plenty of reasons to spend time here. 

Zlín already has its centre, the Baťa complex is not meant to replace it. We are naturally expanding the space where the people of Zlín want to spend their leisure time. The factory will become part of the city centre.

Martin Jarolím, Forbes magazine 4/2024


Any sport has a place here, as do concerts of music of all genres, from more intimate classical music ensembles to big rock bands. Fabrika has social halls for both sport and culture in the form of music, exhibitions, social events. An outdoor stage completes the atmosphere of the place. 



Greenery - whether trees or ornamental shrubs and grasses - also includes water features, relaxation areas, wheelchair access to elevated areas, atypical seating over a glass of wine, and valuable areas for mothers with children. We have found the ideal form of public space with the help of experts and future users. 


A modern inspiring environment will increasingly come to the forefront of those who determine the direction of social life in Zlín and its surroundings. For twelve months of the year we want to collaborate with interesting artists, organize signings, openings and concerts. Our partners will be the city and private entities who want to make the city come alive. 

No experience is complete without adrenaline in the blood

Almost ten thousand square metres of sports halls and arenas in Building 34 - CUBE and Fabrica, and another three thousand metres of covered ice rink. The CREAM Group has a love of sport in its genes, and it shows in the new district of Zlín. 


Baťa's site, which is beginning to be called Fabrika—after the dominant multifunctional building that will be built here within three years—is strongly oriented, especially towards younger, more demanding generations. This is also because there are shared flats for students of the University of Zlín. And it's not just about sport and culture. The restaurants and cafés here will be modelled on the Barcelona market and the concept of Prague's Manifesto. 


Every urban concept we implement or participate in prioritizes housing options. New flats can be found in the renovated listed buildings of the Baťa complex—for example, Max 32 or Building 34 THE CUBE; the Ponds project in the western part of the complex will enrich Zlín with 700 flats.

Co-working and Co-living as a trend

The post-COVID era sparked trends in Czechia that have been experimented with in Europe and its big cities for a long time. Therefore, they must also be included in the Baťa complex. 

Shops and food court

The form is still being determined, but we know that the concept of gourmet experiences and more casual, casual dining in Fabrica will certainly not be a copy of standard fast food. Similar to the famous market in Barcelona? Manifesta in Prague?  After all, food can be a truly exceptional experience, even during a short stay in the Baťa area. 

Future NHL stars may be from Zlín

A classic NHL-standard hockey arena will separate the train track in the north of the complex from the public areas around Fabrika and Building 34 - THE CUBE. Zlín has a strong hockey tradition, and the new roofed arena, which will operate year-round, will help nurture the next generation of young talent.