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CREAM Group is behind the gradual revitalization of one of the largest brownfields in the country - the large complex of the former Baťa factory in Zlín. It focuses on rental housing and commercial leases in almost all major Czech and Moravian cities. It also operates an internationally acclaimed translation terminal near Košice, Slovakia. For the next 10 years, it is preparing projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia worth CZK 25 billion. 


Two million for services for children on the spectrum

Being on the spectrum is a familiar expression not only in the non-profit organization Behind the Glass, but especially in families where they have a loved one with autism spectrum disorder. They live the same life as anyone else, they just have it a lot more challenging. According to Marta Pečeňová, who has been running the nonprofit since 2011, the Christmas holidays and Christmas Eve itself are extremely challenging for these families.

"Especially the children on the spectrum are, of course, trying to have a wonderful Christmas time together, but they don't want to have a festive dinner, which is different from what they are used to. They find it hard to accept that they should have different clothes. Sitting longer at dinner or staying in one place while opening presents is really difficult for them, says Marta Pečeňová. Today, her non-profit received a donation of CZK 2 million from the CREAM group to expand its fleet. "Thanks to this, we can expand our services and, above all, relieve parents who cannot bring their children to our centre for health reasons," says Marta Pečeňová, adding that she signed a memorandum of cooperation with the CREAM group for 10 years. "We have been supporting children's and youth sports for a long time, and by cooperating with the Za sklem organisation, our support gains a certain balance. It's not easy to achieve really good results in sport, but people on the spectrum have their whole life as a sporting discipline, which is not always easy. They may live a normal life, but going through the slightest change in their habits is extremely difficult for them," says CREAM Group majority owner Petr Tanko, adding: "Our relationship started as a purely business one, and he is one of our biggest clients. They rent from us in Zlín, also in Moravák in Brno, and in Olomouc the association even bought a house from us. During those four years we found our way to each other, which is also why we have committed to continue to support this non-profit financially over the next ten years."
The non-profit organization Za sklem was founded in 2011 and helps people with autism spectrum disorder to live a similar quality of life as their peers not only in the Zlín and Olomouc regions, but also in South Moravia and the region of Prague and Central Bohemia. In the Zlín region alone, there are 580 families rather than clients, and nationwide there are an impressive 2,730.