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Our values

The CREAM Group has long been shaped by the qualities typical of sport: tenacity, endurance, competitiveness, excellent spatial orientation, and the desire to achieve the best possible result. All this is according to the rules of fair play. In all business areas, we pride ourselves on respect for others and consideration for nature. Our buildings can meet the demanding needs of the modern city.

In addition to the revitalisation of brownfields, we have a number of projects for the sustainable development of large and small settlements. Both in the construction sector and in the development of the strategic logistics terminal near Košice, Slovakia, we want our work to be built upon by future generations. We enjoy projects that are necessary and useful for society. Both are important motivations for our future work.


We respect nature, respect the work of those who came before us, and listen carefully to the voices of the professional and lay public. We also respect the rules.


We don't measure business success solely by financial gain. We only do things that inspire us; we enjoy and benefit others. 


We know that others will appreciate the results of every piece of work we do. We must do things well and at the highest quality to stand up to critical scrutiny. 


We want to save time, money, and, above all, human potential. We know the easiest way to implement a project is with the general public's support.  


If we decide to do something, we work to ensure that the result will make sense in the long run, including for future generations.


We don't set unrealistic goals, but we are demanding of ourselves. We can take risks, but we always play by the rules. We can appreciate excellence when it is within the boundaries of our principles.


450,000+ m² of projects in the pipeline 20 billion investments over the next 10 years 600,000 m² of lettable space 5 billion CZK asset value CZK 5 billion asset management Urban regeneration Public space Baťa complex Development New apartments Rental housing Sports facilities and sports promotion Shops and services Offices Sustainable architecture Respect for nature Working with renewable resources

We are an investment group that focuses primarily on real estate development. Our diversified portfolio also includes investments in logistics, tourism and renewable energy. Through the CREAM SICAV investment fund, listed on the Prague Stock Exchange, we manage over CZK 5 billion assets. We are characterized by long-term holding of investments that can appreciate significantly over time. In the medium term, we have investment projects worth more than CZK 20 billion in the pipeline. Near Košice, on the Schengen area's eastern border, we are investing strategically in a container transhipment facility with significant financial support from the European Union. 


For more than 15 years, we have been gradually revitalizing one of the largest and most famous brownfields in the Czech Republic, which is one of the most valuable assets of our CREAM SICAV fund. In strong partnership with the city and the region, as well as with many entrepreneurs and the public, we are reviving historic factory buildings with new functions. We focus on everything that is useful for modern society: apartments, commercial space, and support for leisure sports and cultural activities. Examples are the MAX 32 and 64 buildings or the upcoming FABRIKA and the renovation of the 34 - THE CUBE building. We are well aware that the popularity of a place also benefits from a well-thought-out and pleasant public space.


 We strive for a timeless approach so that our buildings or renovations of older buildings will be relevant for many years, whether it is the interior design layouts of the buildings or, in the case of new buildings, a distinctive architecture that always corresponds with its surroundings. Our long-standing partner is the architectural studio CMCArchitects of Vit Maslo and David Chisholm. 


Our strategy is to build properties with state-of-the-art technology and then operate them responsibly. This approach ensures that our clients become users of high-quality spaces. Also, our care for them is maximum. They have a 24/7 client portal for their requirements and a client hotline for their current needs. 

CREAM Consulting

Professional relationships with financial institutions are a significant driving force behind each of our projects. This is consistent with the fact that we finance projects mainly with our capital. Sustainable development, which we also see in the economic context of our company's growth, is thus firmly under our control. 


Through our Foundation, we collect incentives to support various social activities in our region. Thus, the Foundation manages the funding of youth sports clubs and is preparing workshops to redefine public space in the Baťa area to meet the requirements of our time. Through the Foundation, we have made a long-term commitment to financially support "Za Sklem," a non-profit organization that helps people with autism spectrum disorder. 


Dum U Smetanu will undergo a major reconstruction

The Art Nouveau house, which stands at the crossroads of Charles IV and Kněžská streets in the very centre of České Budějovice, will undergo a major reconstruction this year. Although it does not stand directly on the square, but a few dozen metres away from it, it is part of the old buildings that give the centre its distinctive character.

The Cream Group, the owner of the building, was granted planning permission late last year to allow for more intervention in the current structure. "This is a beautiful Art Nouveau building from the beginning of the last century, so we will do the reconstruction with the utmost respect
to the original architecture," says Martin Jarolím, who is mainly responsible for the strategic development of the company from Zlín, including development projects. In the case of the Art Nouveau house U Smetanů, it is not just a matter of repairing the falling facade. "We are planning to invest at least CZK 90 million in the reconstruction," says Jarolím and continues.
The history of today's house U Smetanů dates back to the late Gothic period of the 16th century, two hundred years later we can still trace references to the dyeing trade, which had a long tradition here. In 1915, the house disappeared and was demolished down to the foundations. The Land Bank appeared in its place within the next two years, but it did not last long. In 1924, the building was bought by Bohumil Smetana. The modern history of the ground floor in particular was then written by a Tuzex shop, and in the 1990s bank branches returned here. First Evrobank, then Union Bank. None of the competing banks survived, today there is a clothing store. The major reconstruction of the U Smetanů house should be completed by the beginning of next year at the latest.

Important dates in a nutshell:
- Investment of approx. 90 million CZK
- 23 flats ( 1+1 to 3kk)
- Commercial premises on the ground floor
- Start of reconstruction/rebuilding 2024
- Completion 2025

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